Lessons Come To Life

This past week was an intense week for me, as it brought to life several of the lessons that we’ve learned so far during the Master Key Mastermind Alliance.

To celebrate my birthday, my partner treated me to a trip to Bangkok, Thailand.  This is one of the countries that has been on my bucket list for years, but I never thought that I would ever really have the chance to go.  I mean, a dream board is just that, right?  A dream.  Not this time!

This trip was not without challenges.  I’ve been less than two months in a new location, and I cannot find anyone to cover my practice while I’m gone.  I stress a little.  Will I be penalized for closing my office for a week?  My lease states that if the office is closed for longer than 5 days, it will be considered abandonment.  I decide that I will write the big wigs a letter and let them know that I will be away and there will be no coverage for those days.  No-one objects and I breathe a sigh of relief.  After almost two days of travel, we arrive in Bangkok and my ankles are the size of canteloupes!  They are so swollen from the long hours sitting on the plane.  Walking is painful, and we have a LOT of walking to do.  I push through the pain because we have a limited amount of time, and a whole lot to see!      LESSON #1:   I persist.   I succeed.

There are thousands of temples in Thailand.  All of them impressive in the detail of the workmanship and the various statues of Buddha.  There’s the Emerald Buddha, the Reclining Buddha, the White Buddha (made of a massive slab of alabaster), Buddha in every imaginable pose.  But the highlight of the trip was a visit to The Golden Buddha.
16508503_10155096345588487_1826034504210376470_nThe first video during the MKMMA was about the Golden Buddha.  I thought that it was just a story, a metaphor for what we would be learning during the course and what the objective was for us as attendees.  It wasn’t until I was actually standing in front of the statue that it hit home for me.  This wasn’t a fable.  This was a true event.  I was standing in front of the very statue dating back to the early 1400s that had been covered in white plaster to prevent it from being looted during the Burmese invasion in the 1700s.  For almost 200 years, the true value of the statue was unknown, until 1955 when the statue fell as it was being moved and parts of the plaster cracked revealing the gold statue beneath.  It was a very emotional moment for me, because that was the moment that I fully understood what Mark J. and Davene have been saying over and over to us every single week for the past 18 weeks.  LESSON #2:  We all are the Golden Buddha, and it is time to chip off all the plaster and show the world what lies beneath!



After a whirlwind week, it was time to return home.  The flight back to Seattle from Thailand was uneventful.  Arriving earlier than expected, we decided to take an earlier flight back to Juneau since I had to work the following day.  Instead of a non-stop, this flight was the “milk-run” and stopped in Ketchikan and Sitka before going to Juneau.  I’m not a huge fan of this particular flight, but it would get us home two hours earlier than our original flight, and that meant two extra hours to recuperate.  I could do my hair and soak my feet, which were now the size of watermelons.  After a short stopover in Ketchikan, we take off for Sitka, a quick 30 minute ride away.  Almost home!  We start our descent into Sitka, and the plane suddenly drops as the winds start batting the 737 around as if it’s a tennis ball!  I look out the window, and the ocean is alarmingly close.  The plane goes lower and lower, and the flight attendants are strapped in tight and telling us to do the same.  Finally, I see the landing strip.  I don’t know how much more my stomach and nerves can take of this extreme turbulence.  As the wheels are about to touch down, the pilot suddenly pulls up and back up into the air we go as the wind threatens to push the plane into the sea.  I am gripping the seat and my partner’s hand for dear life.  Will we make it home in one piece?  Fifteen minutes later, the pilot explains to us that in the 28 years that he has been flying the Alaska skies, this was the first time that he did not feel comfortable landing the plane due to the weather.  We ended up bypassing Sitka and heading on to Juneau.  We landed an hour earlier than anticipated, but safe and sound!  LESSON #3:  I will live this day as if it is my last.   And if it is not, I shall fall to my knees and give thanks.

8 thoughts on “Lessons Come To Life

  1. Aloha, Dr. C! Loren from Blog Roverville is back again…sort of — somehow I missed you when making my rounds last time.

    According to Scroll V, “WE ARE TO LIVE THIS DAY AS IF IT IS ARE LAST!” Combine that with “WHAT WOULD THE PERSON I INTEND TO BECOME DO NEXT?” gives pause to wonder why anyone would even bother to write a blog post. However, us rovers realize they are stepping stones to greatness. Therefore, as you near the finish line, we commend you for staying the course!

    …and for writing such a thrilling post!

    FYI just in case you are unaware, EWOT LiveO2. Cantaloupes and watermelons are to be eaten and not created out of your personal body parts. LOL


  2. Great sharing & story, thank you Cindy! It is clear that this trip to Thaïland was a hero’s journey in itself, and you could value it thanks to your earnest study of MKMMA. I also love your sharing about the golden buddha and the pictures there!


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